Profiting from people and planet by WDM

Nice, short and very accessibly written introductory briefing paper which explains what trade agreements really are about.

wdmRead here

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Nice little video by TNI

The dark side of investment agreements

The story of how international tribunals force governments to pay our money to corporations. It is time to bring corporations and investment agreements back under public control.

Great new report by CEO on how TTIP risks expanding fracking

A trade deal between the EU and the US risks opening the backdoor for the expansion of fracking in Europe and the US, reveals a new report by Corporate Europe Observatory and other groups. As part of the deal currently being negotiated, energy companies could be allowed to take governments to private international tribunals if they attempt to regulate or ban fracking and the dangerous exploitation of unconventional fossil fuels. Campaigners are urging the EU not to include such rights in trade deals.


You can also watch this watch 5 minute news video on the issue:

The fairytale of the job miracle

This video busts the myth that TTIP will create many jobs and growth, embarrassing EU Trade Commissioner de Gucht with his own studies. The video also contains strong statements by an angry Parliamentarian who talks about the “regulatory cooperation” proposals (“yes, why not close down all Parliaments and let business and the Commission decide what to do, this will save time and money, but the consumer will pay the price”):

English subtitles available.

Covert Operation TTIP

Another video was already broadcast in autumn and raises many issues – from the corporate influence over the talks, to the threat to food safety regulation and investor-state dispute settlement. Great interview bits of Lori Wallach and also of Stuart Eizenstat – ex US government official now with law firm Covington and Burling and co-chair of the transatlantic business council:

Don’t forget to switch on English subtitles in youtube!

German TV programme Monitor on ISDS

A secret parallel legal system – how big business attacks political decisions

An older TV piece that looks at investor-state dispute settlement only (before TTIP became big) can be found here:

Make sure you switch on English subtitles in youtube.